25 Day Program

25 Days of MFit Program

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What's Included?

30-day access to…
⭐️ 25 workout videos, all 15-minutes
⭐️ Program workout calendar (see image)
⭐️ Discounted Membership Options

The goal of this program...

… is to keep moving. I know how busy you are. It is hard to commit a lot of time to a new fitness program. ALL I’m asking is for 15 minutes of your day.

While 15-minutes likely doesn’t sound like a lot… It will keep your body mobile, healthy and strong. And it will give your mind a necessary break from the stress of work and life.

This program will give you a taste of the different workout styles offered on this website.

We will strengthen, shape, burn, sweat and stretch everyday for 25 days!

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