Plan Features


Each MFit Plan comes with its own exclusive workout videos and workout schedule.
Every MFit Plan comes with these three things:

workout library

When you purchase a plan, the exclusive videos included in that plan are added to your MFit workout library! Your library will grow each time you purchase a new plan. This library is searchable, and you can save your favorite videos so they are easy to find!

diet planner

Each MFit Plan comes with the MFit Diet Planner, which includes; a grocery list, an approved snacks list, a calorie calculator, macronutrient information and more. These tools will help you craft a well-balanced diet to help you reach your fitness goals. 

group support

When you purchase a MFit Plan, you will be added to the private MFit Facebook group. This community will support you and hold you accountable for doing your workouts. You can chat with me and fellow members on the group page. Molly hosts monthly workout classes in the group.