Feel less stressed AND transform your body!

I am so excited you are joining me from the Conquer Your Cortisol E-book. Now you understand the effect cortisol can have on your anxiety, sleep and weight loss.

I want to introduce you to the MFIT MEMBERSHIP. I created this space for individuals who experience high levels of stress and anxiety that want their workout to reduce that stress so they can start losing weight.

The MFit Membership can help you implement everything you learned in the Conquer Your Cortisol E-book and is the perfect next step to start seeing results!

This Membership works because these workouts are designed specifically to lower your cortisol and increase your fat burn. And all the workouts are 30-minutes or less, so you’re not sacrificing more of your time.

If you just go back to running 5 miles a day, going to bootcamp classes and doing a cardio heavy workout routine, your cortisol is going to continue to be all over the place.

It’s time for your workout routine to support your hormone journey. 


Hey, what’s up! I’m Molly, the founder of the MFit Membership.  I have experienced chronic stress and anxiety for most of my life. But ten years ago, that chronic stress took over every aspect of my life. 

A decade ago, I was 30lbs heavier, having daily panic attacks, finding it impossible to sleep, and feeling completely consumed by my daily stress. I was also exercising 5x more than I am today. It felt like I had NO control over my body or mind. 

It was out of my own frustration and hitting rock bottom that I discovered that the workouts I was doing were causing my body to produce too much cortisol which made my stress sky rocket and by body cling to body fat. 

Once I realized that, I wanted to develop something so that no one else would ever have to experience this again. So I got to work creating the MFIT METHOD.

The MFit Method is the exercise method that reduces both your stress AND your body fat, and keeps them both away for good.

Ready to ditch your stress and get into the best shape of your life? Join the MFit Membership today!

Which Membership is right for you?

There are TWO versions of the MFit Membership because you deserve a fitness program that completely matches your personality.

Are you a "self-starter" or a "accountability junkie"?

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The Results:

If you are a “Self-Starter,” then the On-Demand Membership is perfect for you! You’ll get all the workouts and resources you need with just a TOUCH of guidance at the very beginning to get you started. Once you’re set up you’ll be working independently… music to your ears! 

If you are a “Accountability Junkie” then The MFit Membership was made for you! You will get all the guidance, community and support you could possibly need. There is no other online membership with this much personal touch.

BOTH memberships include workouts designed with the MFIT METHOD. Which means, every workout will regulate your nervous system and balance your stress hormones so that you can get the BEST results!

Each membership also comes with monthly habit-building challenges so you can transform your habits to support your stress hormones too!

The MFit

$ 129 monthly

↓ What's Included? ↓
  • Unlimited Classes & Workout Videos
  • Monthly Habit-Building Challenge
  • 1-on-1 Kickoff Call
  • Monthly Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Community Events
  • Sample Workout Schedule
  • Accountability Group Chat


$ 59 monthly

↓ What's Included? ↓
  • Unlimited Workout Videos
  • Monthly Habit-Building Challenge
  • 1-on-1 Kickoff Call

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