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The MFit Membership is for you if you haven’t always had the healthiest relationship with exercise in the past. If you are ready to dive head first into program that is safe for your mental and physical health… you are in the right place!

When you sign up, you don’t just get a bunch of workouts, you get a new way of doing things. A way that is fun, fast, effective and that shows you exercise is possible without it taking over your life or brain space.

There are a few key things that will change the game for you when you join MFit.

I know that they will change the game for you because I’m living proof they do.  I get that you have so many fitness options to choose from. That’s not lost on me. So, here is what makes this program different in my opinion with my 10 years experiences as a fitness professional.


$ 129 monthly
  • Live & On Demand Workouts
  • Community Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Habit-Building Challenges
  • Monthly Community Workshops
  • Group chat for accountability
  • Sample workout schedule


$ 287 every 3 months
  • $100 OFF 3-months
  • Live & On Demand Workouts
  • Community Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Habit-Building Challenges
  • Monthly Community Workshops
  • Group chat for accountability
  • Sample workout schedule
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Here's how we move!

Livestream Workouts

You can get moving LIVE with the MFit Fam. These livestream class pump new energy into your workouts. Struggling with accountability, want a sense of community as you workout from home? Livestream classes will give you just that! There are 3 livestream classes every week!

BONUS: I’m working out with you in real time giving your form tips and helpful bits of advice.

Workout On-Demand

You can workout anytime, anywhere with the MFit on-demand library. You’ll find over 800 workout videos here ranging from 3-45 minutes long. You’ll get weekly emails featuring the most recent uploads to help you build your workout schedule!

You’ll get used to the signature MFit classes like: Sweat & Stretch, Mini Band Bootcamp, Strong Express, Boxing & Bands, HIIT & Burn and Bootcamp Flow.

Each class style infuses low impact cardio with corrective exercise and resistance training to leave your body feeling energized, strong and pain-free! 

Here's what the members are saying...

Meet your trainer

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Hi, I’m Molly! I created MFit Workouts in 2013.  My mission is to teach people how to safely workout for their body and mind.

After struggling with yo-yo diet and exercising for years, I figured out a way to break out of the all-or-nothing lifestyle and adapt a LESS IS MORE approach.

This is the approach I teach in every MFit program. I teach my clients how to make health and fitness a normal part of their life, instead of a stressful thing they can’t keep up with. My MFit Workouts are 30-minutes or less so you can get your workout done without wasting time or over-training.

These low impact workouts will not only transform your body, but also keep you safe from injury and joint pain. 

Sign up now to do workouts that finally feel good to your body!


Most frequent questions and answers

Beginners are welcome! Everyone gets a 1×1 call with Molly to kick off their membership, and she’ll help you determine which workouts are best for you to start with so that you can set yourself up for success and safety.

MFit is all about making your workout super accessible, so you don’t need much. You can get started without any equipment. However, a set of mini resistance bands along with some 3-5lb dumbbells will set you up for the most success. 

The MFit method is all about starting slow and building. So start with just one workout a week. Eventually building to 3-4x a week doing 30-minutes a day would be great!

Molly is a corrective exercise specialist and deals with injuries and joint pain all the time, so you’re in good hands. You can take advantage of the livestream classes and community coaching calls to get specific advice on how to modify around your injury. In general, all MFit workouts are low impact and joint friendly.

Congratulations! Take advantage of the community coaching calls to get further advice on how to modify your workouts to meet your current needs. You will find lots of pregnant and postpartum friendly workouts on the on-demand library!