Online Training

Benefits of online training:

  • Accountability – monthly, weekly, or daily check-ins with your online trainer
  • Convenience – workout wherever and whenever you want
  • Flexibility – work, travel, and busy schedules won’t stop you from working out
  • Confidence – this program is lead by a certified trainer, who will teach you how to confidently workout on your own
  • Cost effective – programs are priced to help you get in shape without breaking the bank

What plan is the right fit for you?

Level 1 || Personalized Workout Plan || $100/month

You will receive a workout plan customized to fit your goals and fitness experience! At the beginning of each week, I will send you a workout schedule that consists of five exercise days and two active rest days. Each workout will be between 30-45 minutes. These workouts will be a mix of follow-along videos and written workouts depending on your preference. I can also incorporate some of your favorite group classes into your schedule, so you don’t have to cut those out of your routine! This isn’t a generic exercise plan, because before I send you any schedule we will have a conversation about your goals and what you hope to gain from your training and create the workout plan based on your answers.

> In this level you receive the workout plan but no additional coaching.
> At-home and In-gym options

Level 2 || Workout Plan + Coaching || $250/month

This level includes the same structured workout plan from level 1, but involves additional coaching. I will check in with you via email several times a week to see how you are doing. This is beneficial because not only does it keep you motivated, but it also allows me to track your progress and plan workouts that fit your increasing level of fitness. In addition to the weekly check-ins, each month you will have an assessment with me (via video or Skype). As this is an online program, I cannot see you every time you workout. The monthly assessment allows me to actually see your progress, check your form, and make sure you are receiving an appropriate workout plan.

> I recommend this plan for anyone who wants an independent program, but still needs the guidance and accountability that comes with having a trainer.
> At-home and In-gym options

8-Week Training Program |$75

For more information, and to sign up, for an 8-week program please visit the Programs page on this site! This program comes with a complete training schedule, workout videos, nutrition advice and more.

> I recommend this plan for anyone who wants an independent program, but does not need daily coaching.
> At-home and In-gym options

To request a service or pricing, please send me a message and supply an email address that I can respond to you on. In the comment section please let me know what service you are interested in and any additional questions you have!

*All requests will be responded to within 48 hours.