Tips To Keep The Weight Off For Good

It is hard to believe, but we are two months in to 2019. At this point in the year, I hope you have not only started your New Year’s resolutions, but have had success in reaching some of your goals.

If you wanted to lose weight this year and have not started, try the MFit 4-Week Slim Down to get back on track. This program takes all the work out of creating workouts for yourself, and you can do all of the routines at home.

If you have already lost weight, let’s talk about how to keep it off.

If you have been dieting for a while and are ready to stop, you should gradually add more calories to your diet. This should be a very slow process if you don’t want to put on any weight. Try adding about 150 calories into your daily calorie allotment every couple weeks. If you have been eating 1,600 calories a day, try eating 1,750 for the next two weeks and see what your weight does. If you stay at the same weight and want more food, try adding another 150 calories. Again, adding food back into your diet should be a very slow process.

Keep in mind; if you are still trying to lose weight, dropping your calories too low is not safe and will make getting out of a diet without gaining any weight really difficult. Never drop your calories lower than what your body needs to survive. You can use this BMR calculator to figure out how many calories you need to eat a day.

Once you reach your goal weight, keep exercising. You still need to move if you want to keep the weight off. It can be hard to find motivation to exercise once you have reached your goals, so I suggest making new goals. Try making fitness related goals like: run a 10k, lift a certain amount of weight or be able to do five pull-ups. These goals will keep your workouts more exciting and give you new things to strive for.

Finally, if you are trying to maintain your weight loss, I recommend tracking your food twice a week. Tracking your food will allow you to see if you are eating the right amount of food and the right types of food. This will keep you accountable for your food choices. You can track your food easily from your phone using one of the many calorie tracking apps. Check out this article by JoyofAndroid for a list of the best trackers to see which one is right for you. If you find you are struggling to eat enough protein or stay within a certain calorie range, join the MFit Membership and let the MFit Diet Planner help you get your diet back on track.

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