Best Way To Handle Sore Muscles

Being sore is no fun, but it is inevitable when starting a new exercise program. As your muscles adjust to a new way of movement, they may ache and tighten up. Don’t let the fear of being sore stop you from starting a new workout regime, like this one!

Below is my foolproof plan to reduce soreness and get through the day with less pain.

Step One: Move

Movement cures all; that’s my motto. When you are injured, you need to rest. When you are sore, you must move. Sitting or lying for long, or even short periods of time following a workout will make your muscles even stiffer. You can’t expect to feel limber if you spend your time seated in one position. Light recovery workouts help with blood flow, which will speed up the muscle-healing process. If a low intensity workout seems far-fetched, try walking more the hours following your workout.

Step Two: Massage Techniques

Foam rolling and/or a deep tissue sports massage are a must when it comes to post-workout recovery routines. Massages and foam rolling are all about releasing tension in a muscles connective tissue. Studies, like this one, have shown foam rolling can reduce delayed onset muscles soreness. Can’t afford to get massages every other day? Get one of the amazing foam rolling kits on the MFit Amazon Store!

Step Three: Ice

If you are in agonizing pain following a workout, chances are you pushed yourself too far. Workouts should never leave you at a level of soreness that interrupts your life. However, if you did go to hard… grab the ice pack. Ice helps reduce inflammation. Working out forces the muscles to contract and release at a rapid pace. This damages the muscle tissue… and that’s exactly what you want to happen. Because as your muscle tissue is repaired, you get stronger! The inflammation stage of muscle recovery is an important one, which is why I want you to use ice and anti-inflammatory medication as a last resort. It will work wonders at relieving your pain, but try step one and two first!

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