Why Water Is Good For Weight Loss

Step outside and you will know instantly, it is summer. The end of August is always the hottest time of year, so it is important to stay hydrated. This is not new information. But, did you know that drinking water could actually help you lose weight? Let me explain.

Besides it being calorie-free, water can help you limit your calorie intake. Half the time we eat because we are bored. If you choose to drink a glass of water instead of indulging, you will distract yourself and feel too full to eat anything.

Drinking water before you eat can also be helpful. Many studies, including this one done in 2015, have shown that drinking two glasses of water before meals helped participants lose weight compared to those who ate right away.

Obviously water should never be used as a replacement for food, but it can be a good swap in times of reckless eating and to prepare your stomach for food.

This brings me to my next point, drinking water consistently throughout the day and before a meal will help your digestive system work much better. Last year I wrote this blog post all about bloating. And I will repeat myself when I say a lack of water tends to be the number one reason individuals bloat. Water helps push food down and helps prevent gases from getting stuck in the stomach.

Being constantly bloated will take a toll on your scale and stress levels. I cannot tell you the number of times I have been down on myself for feeling and looking “fatter” when I was really just bloated. I love this Women’s Health article that breaks down how to determine if you’re gaining weight or just bloated. If you find bloat is the issue, a simple increase in water intake may kick start your weight loss.

I touched on this earlier, but drinking water will help you feel full. More often than you realize, that rumbling tummy is not a sign of hunger but thirst! Being better hydrated will likely allow you to feel full and focused all day so you aren’t constantly thinking about food.

So you see, water isn’t just good for your health, but a good distraction that helps keep you full as well. The combination of healthier food, more water and movement will always push you past any weight loss plateau.

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