3 Tips To Build Consistency

You’ve heard it time and time again… How do I lose weight? Be consistent.

Easier said than done, right? It is so frustrating when people give you generic advice but don’t tell you how to follow it. Today, I got you covered. Try these three things to improve your consistency.

Surround yourself with like-minded people

Find a tribe of men and women who will hold you accountable and workout with you. Have group chats with friends about nutrition and healthy hobbies. Go to group classes with the same handful of people. If big groups aren’t your thing, find a trainer you feel comfortable calling on when you’re in need. Can’t find a person or group of people like this? Look no further than this very website. My MFit Membership program comes with access to the extremely supportive MFit Facebook community. Join us for daily workouts, diet planning and live workouts. Talk with fellow members and myself about anything and everything. I will be your support system, we all will be!

Start with 5 minutes

Get up and move for 5-minutes. You’re probably thinking, that is nothing, but it is something! It is much easier to convince yourself to move for 5-minutes than workout for an hour. Typically what happens when you do this is you keep going for longer than 5-minutes. The first few minutes of a workout are energizing. Very few people walk into the gym excited to workout. But movement is contagious, so when you start you’re likely to keep going. Begin with the 5-minute mindset.

Make it a habit

Brushing your teeth isn’t particularly fun, right? Showering is a normal part of your day. You wouldn’t question eating lunch. These are activities you have put into your routine and made a habit. You likely do them at the same time everyday. You perform them at the same place most days, and for the same amount of minutes. Why can’t you do the same with exercise? Every habit begins by forcing yourself to do the thing everyday. At first it will feel like a chore, but after a month or two it will feel as normal as washing your hands.


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