The #1 Reason You Aren’t Successful

You have been trying to lose weight for years and have had little to no lasting success. All of your relationships have ended in flames. You aren’t happy at your job and it feels like your boss hates you. What’s wrong?

Your mindset

The common factor in all relationship, health and work problems is mindset. So, if you change your mindset – chances are you will have more success and happiness.

How many times have you been annoyed with your significant other, parent or roommate when he or she asks you to clean? Did you just tell me to pick up my clothes? No! However, when we make the choice to do some spring-cleaning, it’s not so bad. When we make the choice and decide we want to do something it actually feels good.

Let’s face it; no one likes being told to do things. No one enjoys feeling like they have to do something. We all have a bit of rebellion in us that likes to do the opposite of what we are told. Be home by 11? How about I stay out all night instead?

This need to revolt is also present when we tell ourselves to do something. How many times have you thought – I really need to workout today, but I don’t want to. Or… I have to eat healthy or I’m going to be fat forever.

Feeling like you are your own dictator will work for a little bit, but eventually your body will start to rebel. You will begin having an internal dialog with the devil and angel in you. This is silly though because you can’t force yourself to do anything. When you do something that you told yourself to do, it is a choice. Even if it’s a choice you aren’t happy with, it is something you and you alone decided to do. So instead of acting like some other person is forcing your hand, accept your choice and identify it as such.

Change your mindset to “I choose to…” or “I want to…” instead of “I have to…”

You don’t have to do anything. Everything you do is a choice. Once you can make this switch in your mind you will be happier. Working out won’t feel like a punishment. Cleaning the house won’t feel like a chore. Even if you have to lie to yourself at first, smile through each task and think, “I want to do this”

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