Change Your Mindset To Change Your Body

The mind is a powerful thing. Your mental state greatly affects your day-to-day life. Your state of mind impacts your mood, health, and workouts…

If you are struggling to achieve your health, fitness, and personal goals, perhaps you just need to change your mindset.

Determination > Motivation

Motivation comes and goes. A motivational quote is not always going to be enough to get you out of bed.   An inspiration board only goes so far. Those #motivationmonday posts simply won’t always do the trick. Determination is what you need to reach your goals. Determination is a state of mind. If you are determined, you can make anything happen. Motivation is a feeling, and we all know how finicky feelings can be. The truth is, 80% of the time you will not be motivated to workout. I am certainly not motivated to workout and eat well everyday. But I am determined to reach my goals, and that determination will kill any and all laziness.

Train > Workout

Athletes train for races, games and competitions. They don’t go to the gym to workout; they go to the gym to train. As a personal trainer, I text my clients the day before their appointment to confirm their “training sessions” not “workouts.” Telling someone you need to go train sounds much more badass than saying you need to go workout. This simple switch in terminology may bring fire back into your exercise routine.

Healthy > Dieting

When you go out to eat, don’t use “I’m on a diet” as an explanation for why you chose the meal you did. You chose that meal because you eat healthy and you care about your body. No one should ever question your meal choices, but if someone does tell him or her you chose that because it makes your body feel good… health does feel good after all!


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