Best Pre-Workout Routine For A Successful Workout

All over the Internet you see fitness enthusiasts and professional body builders chugging caffeinated pre-workout supplements to prepare for their gym session. You also see articles raving about fasted cardio. Then there are the people who claim fasted cardio will make you lose muscle. There are debates about what time of day is the best time to workout…

Basically there is a lot of information and all of that information can be hard to sort through. Today I am going to tell you exactly how to set up your pre-workout routine so you can have a successful workout. No B.S. This is all you need.

Make a plan

There is a reason professional athletes follow strict fitness and nutrition programs, and that reason is… planning leads to success. There is nothing worse than going into the gym without a plan. I see so many people walking around the gym floor looking lost and confused. Those people do not have a plan. You should know what muscles groups you want to work, what exercises you want to try, how many sets you plan to do and how much rest time you will allow yourself. Having a plan will save you time and force you to work harder. Don’t know how to make a workout plan? Buy one. Try my MFit Membership for one week free to get seven days of workouts. This will simplify your life and ensure your workouts are always planned.

Choose a mantra

Picking an inspirational phrase, image, or word before you workout may sound silly, but it will help you get through your sweat session. This mantra can be as simple as, yes I can. It can be an image of your goal body or a picture of yourself that you don’t like. Choose something that fires you up and truly motivates you. Repeat the mantra or look at the picture half way through your workout when you want to quit. If it works, you’ll keep going.

Fuel when you need to

There is a lot of noise in the universe about pre and post workout meals. Many people have strong opinions on what to eat before and what to eat after a workout. Some people think food is necessary while others think it is best to fast surrounding a workout. I am here to tell you it does not matter. Eat when you need food. Every body is different. Some of you will need the energy from food before you workout, and the rest of you will not. If you are hungry, eat. If you are able to go workout seconds later, feel free. Personally, food does not affect my workout. I can eat minutes before a gym session or I can lift on an empty stomach. I recommend you try doing both and see how you feel. If food allows you to work harder during your workout, it should be apart of your pre-workout routine. On the other hand, if it slows you down… skip it!

Warm-up based on workout

Your pre-workout routine is not complete without a thorough warm-up. And I don’t mean walking on the treadmill for five minutes until you start to sweat a little bit. Your warm-up should be extensive if you want it to be worthwhile. Warm-ups should be tailored to fit the type of workout you are doing. If you are working your legs, you should roll out tight muscles (likely quads and calves), do some dynamic stretches, perform 1-3 activation exercises to fire up the muscles you want to work and then walk on the treadmill for five minutes. A comprehensive warm-up will set you up for a successful workout. Skimping on your warm-up can lead to injuries and ineffective workouts.

Leave the rest outside

Those four things are all you need to prepare for you workout. No supplements, no caffeine, no special gadgets. So, leave the rest alone.


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