Cutting These 5 Habits Will Help You Lose Weight

If you are unhappy with the number you see on the scale, there are some easy fixes that could help! The five habits listed below are quite simple. Try correcting one habit at a time. Take one month to fix the habit and then move onto the next one. Slowly picking up healthy habits will help them stick. Slowly changing unhealthy habits will make it the change less overwhelming and again, help makes the changes stick.

Eating super fast

Your body needs at least 30 minutes to digest food. So when you eat your dinner in 5 minutes, it’s no wonder you still feel hungry… nothing has been digested yet! Take your time eating and you will eat less food. Eat less food and you will lose that extra fluff.

Skipping meals

You may think skipping a meal means fewer calories, right? Wrong! Typically skipping meals leads to overeating later in the day. Even if you don’t fall into this trap, continuously skipping meals can slow down your metabolism. Your body will start to realize you aren’t feeding it properly and begin conserving calories. Avoid this by finding a “feeding schedule” that fits your lifestyle.

Drinking your calories

Skip the soda, cocktails, and sports drinks and just drink water. I’ve worked with many people that consume over half of their recommended daily calorie intake in liquid form. If you skip the liquid calories and opt for water you will see weight start to come off.


Stress affects your metabolism and the foods you crave. Levels of cortisol, otherwise known as the stress hormone, rise during stressful moments. This hormone can cause a spike in insulin levels, which drops your blood sugar, which makes you crave sugary food. As a very anxious person, I know it can be hard to control stress. But limiting the stress in your life can absolutely help you lose weight. Try one or all of these stress-relief methods: meditation, exercise, long walks, talking to a friend or visiting with a therapist.

Staying up late

Your body needs sleep to function. It also needs sleep to regulate your weight. A lack of rest can cause hormonal chaos in your body. Insomnia deprives the hormones leptin and ghrelin. These hormones play vital roles in controlling your appetite. Leptin signals the brain when the body is full. Ghrelin stimulates the feeling of hunger. Without sleep your body doesn’t know when it’s hungry or when it’s full. This will cause you to overeat and gain weight. Rest more, weigh less.


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