3 Tips To Tackle Hunger

Scrolling through Instagram lately, I see a lot of people showing their weight loss stories. Some stories get more attention than others, and those tend to be the stories that are unusual. For example, the other day I saw someone post that they starting eating 500 more calories a day and lost 20 pounds. That is great! But, for most people that is unlikely to happen. A majority of Americans eat too many calories in a day and need to cut calories to lose weight. This can suck… because food is good and being hungry is not fun. Read my three tips below to find out how to safely cut calories to prevent hunger.

Slow down

Eat slower and drink more water between bites to help you feel when you are full. Many people, myself included, are guilty of shoveling food into their mouths when they are hungry. When you finish a big plate of food in five minutes, of you course you’re not full… your digestive process hasn’t even begun. If you slow down and enjoy each bite more you will be able to actually feel when you are full or not. This way you can more accurately judge if you need more food.

 Choose foods high in protein, fiber & water

Foods with a higher protein and fiber content will keep you fuller longer. These nutrients take longer to digest, meaning they stay in your stomach for a longer period of time. If your stomach is full of food, you won’t be hungry.

Food items with high water content tend to be low in calories and will fill up your stomach fast. It is great to include these items in your diet to help hold you over between meals without breaking your calorie goal. 

Increase daily calorie goal

If you have tried all of these things, but still find yourself constantly hungry… you need to eat more. If your body is telling you it is hungry, you need to feed it. Your body wants to survive, and if you are not feeding it enough it will go into starvation mode and hold onto every last calorie it can. This results in slower metabolism, more stored fat, and more stress which can cause weight gain.

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