Total Body Dumbbell Workout: MFit Exclusive

This special total body workout gives you a peak into my new MFit Membership Program. I’ve compiled some of my favorite bits from the current exclusive workout videos. But this is just the beginning…

If you join the MFit Membership program you will get new exclusive workout videos every week. Each of the videos includes a warm-up, cool down and awesome workout. These are some of the best workouts I have ever created, and I promise they will keep getting better. The Membership also comes with a workout calendar to keep your fitness routine in check.  I tell you what to do everyday (including rest days). Not every day will include a workout video. Some days include written workouts where you can learn new exercises from my video based exercise library. MFit Members receive nutrition tips, recipes, grocery lists and so much more!

If you sign up in the month of January, you will receive a free copy of my ebook: Top 3 Tips For Losing Body Fat (And How To Keep It Off). This is a super informative read that will help you improve your health and fitness. If the MFit Membership interests you, January is the month to sign up! I won’t be offering this book for free any other time!

If you are curious about the MFit Membership, but aren’t convinced yet… The Membership is FREE for the first week. So you can try it for a week and cancel before you get charged a cent. This is 100% risk free and you won’t regret it.

Check out the video below for your sneak peak and then head over to the MFit Programs page to sign up for the Membership. You will sign-up with PayPal, but again… you can cancel any time and won’t be charged for 7 days!

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