MFit Exclusive Back & Plyometric Workout #25DaysofMFit

It is Day 21 of the #25DaysofMFit and I am extremely excited to share this workout with you. Today I am showing you a SNEAK PEAK of one of the exclusive workouts you will get with the MFit Membership.

As many of you know by know I have launched my new website (which you are on right now!) And with the launch of my new website comes the launch of the brand new MFit Membership program. This Membership program is $4.99/month and comes with tons of exclusive workouts, an exercise library with nearly 200 exercises, a complete workout schedule given to you daily and updated weekly, nutrition advice, special Member only live workouts, discounts, grocery lists, and more. Basically it’s awesome and you should all go check it out. I promise it will be worth it! It costs less than Netflix and an MFit binge is much healthier than a Netflix one!

Today I am showing you a 15-minute clip of this awesome back & plyometric workout. This workout is what MFit is all about: building muscle and burning fat! Now, as I said before this is only a 15-minute clip of the workout. This full workout is over 30 minutes and has a complete warm-up and cool down included. I am just showing a bit of the actual workout (which is insanely difficult) and hopefully that intrigues you enough to watch the rest!

No workout instructions today because if you have to check out this exclusive video! You won’t be disappointed!

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