New Website & 25 Day Workout Challenge

If you are reading this blog post, you already know… the new and improved mollymcnamee.com is LIVE! I have been working by butt off this past year to bring you some amazing new content. This website is packed with new information to help you become your fittest self.

Take a look around the website and you will see the new features I have added, including the incredible MFit Membership program. The MFit Membership is ONLY $4.99/month. Members receive exclusive workout videos, an exercise library with nearly 300 exercises and counting, a workout calendar that I update daily, access to live workouts with me, grocery lists, nutrition coaching, exclusive blog posts, and so much more. The MFit Membership is less than a Netflix subscription… and so much healthier.

The MFit Membership program is a new way to do online training. My hope is that we can build a community with this program. I will be updating this part of my website everyday. I will still upload to the MFit YouTube channel every Tuesday, but I will also be uploading exclusive videos to my website 1-2 times a week! Right now there are nearly 30 exclusive workout videos for new Members to try.  These workouts are some of the best I have created and each video includes a warm-up and cool down to ensure you are getting a complete workout every single day.

The program also comes with a huge video based exercise library. In some of your daily workouts, I will give you a list of exercises to do and you can reference the exercise library to see and hear how to do the exercises properly.

You can use this program however you like. Obviously I think you should follow the daily workout because it will give you a workout routine with great variety and structure! However, if you prefer to customize your program a bit there tons of workout videos and exercises in the exercise library so you can create your own routine!

If the MFit Membership excites you, go over to the Programs page on this site and follow the purchase link. Or if you want the chance to win a year of free membership, you should join the #25DaysofMFit challenge!

December 1 – December 25, I will be posting 10-20 minute workouts on the MFit YouTube channel. If you want to take part in the 25 day workout challenge, here’s what I need you to do:

1. Watch the video below and give it a like!
2. Email me at mollymcnameefitness@gmail.com with a social media handle you feel comfortable posting on for 25 Days (instagram, twitter, facebook, tumblr)
3. Post on your social media using the hashtag #25DaysofMFit everyday starting December 1 through December 25. You can post anything you want, or you can simply share the workout video everyday. Just make sure you use the hashtag I can see that you are posting!
4. After December 25, I will be picking one winner to get a free membership!

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