The Benefits Of Meal Repetition

Having the same meals everyday is a great way to maintain a healthy weight. If you want to build muscle or burn fat you should be eating a lot of protein and vegetables with fibrous grains. The body responds best to a restricted food diet.

When you eat the same things everyday, you can more easily prep your food. You can prepare your protein and vegetables in bulk on the weekends and be set for the week. This takes the stress out of choosing meals and will keep you from grabbing junk food when you are short on time.

Taking the variety out of your food choices also helps fight against emotional eating. Again, when you have your meals are ready and you are eating enough everyday, you will feel less tempted to buy “naughty” foods and binge after a tough day at work.

Of course you are allowed to have treat every once in a while (2-3 treats a week is perfectly acceptable), but varying your food too much can lead to too many treats. Keeping a clean and simple diet will keep your cravings at bay.

Consistency is great, but variety is good too! Varied flavors help keep you from getting bored with the food you eat and it has it’s own health benefits.

So how can we combine the two so we get consistency and variety? I recommend focusing on eating the same meals, but changing the ingredients. For example, you can decide to have an omelet every morning but you can fill it with different vegetables and protein sources. You can have vegetables and chicken (animal or vegetable protein) every day at lunch but switch up the spices and produce you choose. Have spicy protein one day and sweet and sour the next! Get creative with your flavors. It is possible to be consistent and still have good tasting food!



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