Yoga Mat Checklist & AmoVee Absorbent Yoga Mat Review

I love trying new workout equipment. Whether that be a new cardio piece, new resistance bands, yoga mats or something completely new to the fitness world. Recently I tried a yoga mat by AmoVee, and it got me thinking about what it takes to be a good yoga mat.

If you are new to yoga, you will soon find out that good yoga mats are hard to come by. A good yoga mat needs to be: non-slip, thick, comfortable, and attractive (in that order).

Non-slip is very important. You don’t want to feel like you are surfing in a yoga class. Thickness is also an essential element, especially if you have boney hips and knees or achy joints. You should never feel uncomfortable in a kneeling position; that would mean the mat is too thin.

Quality yoga mats can be quite expensive. I typically can find affordable thick, non-slip mats at Target. But I recently branched out and tried something new. Today I want to share my experience with the AmoVee brand.

When I received this mat in the mail I could tell that it would checked a couple of my boxes. It is non-slip and soft to the touch. The mat does not slip at all on hard wood and other smooth surfaces. It does a good job of blending together a yoga mat and a mat towel, which is great for reducing the cost of your yoga kit. However, the blend is not completely successful for me because the mat is very thin. Teaching on hard wood was rather uncomfortable. This would be a good mat to use on the grass, carpet or other soft surfaces, but it is too thin to use on a hard floor.  After using the mat a couple times it seems as though it will wear well, which also makes me believe it would be a good outdoor mat.

I would be curious to hear your thoughts! Try the mat out for yourself and see what you think! The purchase link is down below >>

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