Eat For Energy: Top 5 Energizing Foods

In a world of caffeine, many people don’t know how they ever lived without coffee, energy drinks, espresso shots and pre workout. It often seems like the only solution for drowsiness is caffeine, but that’s not true! Certain foods can actually provide you with tons of energy. Food choices that are naturally high in iron, protein and essential fatty acids are some of the best for providing you with that caffeine-like jolt.

Caffeine isn’t necessarily bad for you, but it is addictive. The more caffeine you consume, the more you want. That extra caffeine will then cause you to crash a few hours later. Also, your body will become immune to the affects of your standard dose of caffeine after a while and will require more to feel the same affects.

Instead of drinking your energy… try eating it! Here are five of the most energizing foods. What makes these energy boosters even more awesome are the added health benefits!


Strawberries are not only tasty; they are packed with Vitamin C! Oranges are also a solid source of the vitamin, but you’ve probably heard that a million times. Vitamin C can help you feel less tired. One cup of strawberries has 89 milligrams of Vitamin C.


Even being mildly dehydrated can leave you feeling fatigued. Water is one of the most energizing substances out there. Watermelons are 93% water! Snack on some between meals or add them to salads to prevent dehydration and get a boost of energy.


All nuts are great for giving you a healthy dose of protein, fiber and fat. But almonds contain an impressive amount of magnesium too. Being low on magnesium can make you feel very sluggish. Most Americans don’t get enough of the mineral, but a quarter cup of almonds provide you with 30% of the magnesium you need each day. Try having a serving of almonds with an ounce of raisins for a hit of carbohydrates and electrolytes.

Lentils & Beans

You get two for one here because we need to talk about fiber. Fiber is great for you because it takes a long time to digest, which allows you to feel fuller longer. So that energy keeps going and going! Beans and lentils are packed with good fiber. Lentils are also a great source of iron and B Vitamins, while beans will give you more magnesium to help restore energy.


Eggs are a great energy source containing plenty of iron, zinc and protein. Iron and zinc are vital to the body’s blood oxygen levels and immune system. When you are lacking in the two you will not only feel sleepy but sick as well! You can have eggs and egg whites at any time of the day. Try scrambling them up with some dark leafy greens for more vitamins and iron or top them off with avocado for some healthy fatty acids.


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