Live Online Fitness Classes?

I have a big announcement today! I have joined the team at RallyAll, a brand new website that hosts live fitness classes. The website has recently gone public, and I wanted to invite all of my readers to come take class with me.

The site is extremely easy to use and allows you to take real-time fitness classes in the comfort of your own home. This takes at-home workouts to a whole other level.  I am currently teaching Hip-Hop Yoga classes Monday evenings 5pm PST. This class fuses together yoga, strength training and plyometrics with an upbeat Hip-Hop playlist.  Come try it next week!

You can sign up for my yoga class right here: https://www.rallyall.com/app/view_class/56a95d594f48416100de5631/?afid=mfit

I will be adding more classes very soon that are similar to my MFit YouTube channel. If you have a class recommendation and/or preferred class time, please send me a message! These classes are for you and I would love your feedback.

Hope to “see” you in class : )


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