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What Fuels My Workout?


Everyone’s daily routine is different, and some are healthier than others. I can’t tell you the number of times my clients come to a workout tired and unmotivated. And when they tell me what they’ve done all day, it’s no wonder they feel that way. But, there are things you can do throughout the day to make your workouts more effective and keep you motivated! So, here is what I do on the daily to fuel my workouts!

The first thing I do every morning, or most mornings, is have a glass of warm water with lemon. This promotes healthy digestion and keeps me from feeling bloated. I continue to drink water (without lemon) throughout the day to stay hydrated and help keep that healthy digestion going! It’s a very simple thing to do each morning and if you have bloating issues, I highly recommend doing this!

Throughout the day, I try to not let myself sit for more than 30-mintues at a time. Constantly staying active keeps my energy up and my muscles feeling loose instead of tight and sore from sitting in a chair all day.

As far as my workouts go, I normally workout for 30-60 minutes twice a day. I do this because I like to split my resistance training and cardio instead of doing them all at once. Some days I just do one longer workout; it isn’t always consistent. But, for the most part I do two workouts per day.

Let’s talk about my pre-workout routine. I always have some carbohydrates pre-workout. Usually those carbs are in the form of a banana. Or, if I’ve had a full meal, I make sure there are plenty of carbs in that meal! I try to have my carbs for the day around my workouts because that’s when my body (and everyone’s body) really needs them. So, I have some carbs pre-workout for energy and after to replenish my glycogen stores.

An alterative to a carb-heavy pre-workout meal or snack is taking a pre-workout supplement. I have only tried a couple different ones, but I am planning to try more soon! One product I am looking forward to trying is Eat The Bear (ETB) pre-workout. This is a clean and healthy alterative to some of the other pre-workouts out there that just seem too unnatural for me. This product is a great option if you are feeling super tired before a workout because it will give you that boost of energy you need to get through your training session. And it’s much healthier than downing something like an energy drink!

Before I begin my workouts, I always make sure to stretch! It’s going to be much harder to get into your workout if you haven’t had a thorough warm-up. You’re body is going to be stiff, which will make it hard to exercise. Not only that, skipping a warm-up will put you at high risk for injury! In a warm-up, I always do active stretches. By that I mean I don’t hold any one stretch for longer that 10 seconds. I want my muscles loose but warm and ready to go! The stretches I do each day depend on what muscle groups I’m working. If I’m working my legs, I make sure to stretch my hamstrings, do some lunges and air squats to simulate the type of movement I’ll be doing with weight!

During my workouts, one way I stay motivated is through my music! My workouts are like my therapy, and for my therapy I need a good playlist and to tune out the world! The music I choose changes with the type of workout I’m doing that day! If I’m doing steady state cardio, I like upbeat music like Major Lazor, White Panda, and other electronic and hip-hop artists. If I’m lifting or boxing, I am always listening to rock. Those playlists may include classics or heavy metal and anywhere in between. Spotify has been a great addition to my workouts and a fun way to find new music.

I also never do the same workout 2 days in a row (or even in the same week). I alternate muscle groups each day as well as change up my cardio. I do HIIT 2 times a week, and  steady state cardio, like a long run, on the other days I do cardio. I box at least 1 day a week! And for resistance training I do 2 leg days, a chest and back day, biceps/tricpes/shoulders another day, and always one core day. I also throw in some yoga throughout the week as well. I’m constantly making sure I’m challenged because challenge motivates me. I always want to get stronger, so I create super tough workouts for myself, and sometimes I watch other professional’s videos to get inspiration from them! Switching up workouts like this is exciting and effective! If you do the same exercises everyday you’re going to get bored and not see the results you deserve.

Once I’m finished with my workout, I do some key stretches and foam rolling. Foam rolling is fantastic, and not enough people do it! A few key muscles I always roll out are my quads, calves, and lats! Those three muscles tend to be tight for me, so to prevent any injuries or discomfort I roll them out for 5-10 minutes post-workout.

When my workout is 100% complete, I eat. I try my hardest to eat within the hour afteIMG_0369r working out. My post workout meals always contain a good amount of protein and carbs, as well as some healthy fats. My go-to post-workout meal of the moment is my burrito bowl, which I will be sharing the recipe of on this blog soon! It’s basically a lot of beans, quinoa, veggies, and salsa. This meal is perfect for restoring my glycogen stores, giving me vitamins, and of course supplying my muscles with the protein they need!

For the most part, I like to eat a full meal after my workouts. But, if that’s just not possible I’ll have a protein bar or shake. My protein bar is, and always will be, Larabar. It’s natural and clean and just perfect for post-workout. I’ve recently tried a new protein powder I liked and have had post-workout. And that is B-strong protein by Healthy Skoop.

So, there you have it! Working out can be tough, but if you fuel yourself correctly and stay active throughout the day – getting to the gym won’t feel as dreadful.


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