IDEA Expo Review | My Favorite New Products


It’s that time of year again… IDEA Fitness Convention time. Last year I wrote a blog post about my favorite finds at the IDEA Expo, and this year I am doing the same. Last weekend was the convention in Los Angeles, and I thought it was great this year! There was a lot of new and innovated equipment, food, and so much. Read on for my highlights!


If you enjoy spinning, video games, or want your kids to get more exercise this is the product you need. It isn’t released yet, but it will be soon. So check out their website for all the updates. It is a virtual reality fitness video game, and believe me it is really cool. Essentially you are on a spin bike while wearing an Oculus Rift, and as soon as you start pedaling you are taken to a new reality. I played a game where I was a horse that could fly – sounds crazy I know, but it was beautiful and really fun. This was definitely one of the highlights of the Expo for me.

Star Trac BoxMaster

This product caught my eye at the Expo by its mere size. I love to box, and this big contraption is used as the ultimate boxing training station. It will replicate what it’s like to hit focus mitts, but it is stationary so you don’t need a partner (which is great for trainers instructing multiple people at once). The product itself looks like a big stand of boxing pads, and the pads are set up strategically to allow users to throw any number of punches and combinations. This would be a great product for gyms and trainers who work with small groups. 

Lebert SRT Barbell

There were two products at the Expo that I would consider buying and this is one of them! The SRT (Spring Resistance Training) barbell makes regular barbell exercises more challenging and effective because the barbell has springs on it that you can push and pull against. For instance, they had me do a bicep curl but push the springs inward at the top of the movement, which engaged all sorts of different muscles.


This is the other product I’m considering purchasing. This would be great to use for my clients because it’s small, travels well, and allows you to do a wide variety of exercises. The best way I can describe this product is a bar similar to a barbell with three different grips that attaches to resistance bands. I know it sounds so simple, but that’s what I love about it. Barbells are simply too heavy to bring to my clients, and resistance bands can be limiting or uncomfortable for clients to use. The Xbar is easier to handle, which means you can do different exercises with this than you could do with regular resistance bands.

WaterRower GX

Do you love to row? Well then you should upgrade to this rower because it is beyond the best one I have tried. It uses water, as the name would suggest, instead of air and technology as the resistance. This is about as close to the real thing you can get before you just hop into open water and go for a true row. The more power you put behind each stroke, the more resistance you will feel – there aren’t any fancy buttons or settings, just you and the water!

Hedstrom Fitnes |Surge & Kamagon Ball

I guess there is a water pattern happening here, because I have another product made more exciting with water. The Kamagon Ball is similar to a kettle bell except it’s filled with water. The Surge is a longer tube filled with water as well. These products create major fluid resistance and challenge your core much more than working with regular weights. Water moves side to side – a regular kettle bell or barbell can be heavy, yes, but it stays pretty still as you hold it. This is a great product if you are looking to shake up your workout.

Health Skoop | B-Strong Protein & Ignite

This is a great plant based company that you should check out! I’ve sampled their B-Strong protein and found it to be absolutely delicious. I normally don’t have protein shakes post-workout (I prefer to have protein rich meals), but I decided to give this one a try. And I am happy I did. The powder has 16 grams of protein from brown rice and peas. It’s also filled with vitamins and amino acids! Ignite is something I would use as a pre-workout as it improves endurance and energy levels. I tried Ignite at the Expo and it actually did give me enough energy to stay a few more hours! The ingredients are very simple (beets, pomegranate, agave…) and 100% vegan!



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