Molly McNamee | 10 ways to be more active
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10 ways to be more active

Here are 10 easy ways to be more active throughout your typical day.

Take the stairs

Stairs or elevator? You could be lazy and take the elevator, or you could get a little extra cardio and a little extra butt lift as you get to whatever floor you are going to.

Stand up more

Right now. Get off your couch, stand up from you desk and read the rest of the blog post standing. Are you up yet?

Get a mini-ab workout in while seated for extended periods

This may sound so weird. But when I’m stuck in track I will just do some ab contractions for a little bit. Clench your abs for a few seconds, release, and repeat! It’s a nice mini ab workout. You can do the same with your booty.

Park further away

Stop driving around looking for the closest parking spot. Save some gas and get a bit longer walk in. This is especially a good idea if you are going to work or somewhere else where you might be sitting for long periods of times, and if that’s the case … see #2.

Or skip the drive and walk/run/bike to your location

Sounds like a good way to save the environment AND get some extra cardio in! Win-win!

Make static task active

Brushing your teeth is boring. Brushing your teeth while doing lunges is not boring, and it helps your butt look nice. New moms who say they have no time to workout cause they are always with their new child. Don’t put a chair in your new baby’s room, instead walk around, do some calf raises while you rock him or her to sleep.

Do a little dance

Getting ready to go out for the night, blast some music and dance around (it might be a good idea to burn a few calories before consuming quite a bit more)

Laugh more

What other ab workout is as fun as rolling on the floor laughing? I can’t think of one.

Do it yourself

I don’t mean DIY projects, (although those normally keep you active too) what I do mean is stop asking people to do stuff for you. You’re nice and comfy on the couch so you turn the person you’re with and say “can you go get me a drink” … Do it yourself! Carry all those groceries into your house ALONE. Have a messy home and considering hiring someone to clean it up … Do it yourself. Don’t feel like mowing the lawn today? Do it anyway. Simply doing all these active tasks yourself will keep you up and moving.

Get competitive

Join a recreational sports league with some friends. Or don’t join a league at all and just go play soccer at a local park. Or considering making getting fit a competition with your peers. See who can walk more each day, have a push-up competition, see who can run faster. It makes fitness more fun!