Molly McNamee | How To: Stop Overeating
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How To: Stop Overeating

There really is no special secret about how to lose weight. All you need to do is eat right and exercise. Most people they feel more comfortable with one of those things than the other. Some people eat clean all the time and seem to have no problems keeping a balanced diet, but when it comes to exercise they are lost. Other people (I want to say this is the majority of people) can make themselves workout, but when it comes to diet, they can’t control themselves.  Others are lost when it comes to both topics. So, I want to help those people struggling with diet. Here are six steps to help you stop overeating.

Step One. Drink a ton of water. Some of you say you are hungry all the time and that is why you eat so much, but there is a high likelihood that you are just thirsty.  Often time’s hunger can be mistaken for thirst. So drink more WATER, because it’s good for you. Drink a glass of water before every meal to prevent overeating, and drink consistently throughout the day. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day also helps prevent bloating.

Step Two. Write down or take a picture of everything you eat.  There are so many apps nowadays where you can log your food, that it takes very little effort to track your diet.  My personal favorite app is myfitnesspal because in addition to calorie intake, it also shows you your protein, carbs, and fat intake! Just enter into the app what you consume throughout the day and keep track of all of your stats. Also, intstagram is great for posting food pics. Snap a picture of what you eat during the day, and before you go to bed take a look at everything and see if you are happy with it or what you would like to change for the next day.  Food logs are important to stand by. If you feel like you have had a good day and kept track of everything you ate, but then you eat something terrible and want to say ‘well I won’t be documenting that’ … STILL DOCUMENT IT! When you leave it off your list it’s like saying you didn’t eat it, but you still did, so hold yourself accountable. Plus if you have a list of everything you ate you can more easily evaluate how you felt after each meal or at the end of the day, and you’ll be able to make changes.

Step Three. Don’t buy the things that you know you will eat too much of. If you are someone who can eat an entire bag of pretzels in one sitting, don’t buy pretzels. This applies to ALL foods (except vegetables, like broccoli); if you know you could easily eat too much bread in one sitting – don’t keep it in your house all the time. I’m not saying to completely take these foods out of your diet, but you should make them something special that you can eat when you go OUT or at someone else’s home. Buy them when you are going to a friend’s house and then leave the leftovers there. I’ve done this with certain foods, and trust me it works. I’ve caved sometimes and bought stuff anyway for myself, and then I do exactly what I knew I would do, binge. And everyone knows how terrible it feels after you’ve stuffed your face. So don’t even put the temptation there.

Step Four. Don’t let yourself get bored. I know that when I have a busy day, I don’t really get hungry. That’s because I’m moving and doing things, and I’m NOT BORED. If you are at home and have nothing to do, find something active or productive to do. Otherwise you will probably end up sitting on the couch and eating.

Step Five. Don’t beat yourself up over a bad meal, but remember how you felt after eating whatever you had so you don’t do it again.

Step Six. Chew slower. And take sips of water between each bite of a meal because it helps you feel fuller (like I mentioned earlier) and it slows down your eating process.  If you take your time eating, you will realize when you are full. Unlike when you clean your plate in five minutes and then realize fifteen minutes later that you are stuffed. Take your time eating to prevent yourself from eating too much!

See, it’s really that simple. No big secret, just some helpful tips.