I’ve always shared my exercise, nutrition and all around health advice on this site, and I hope you have found it helpful! But what about the clothes I like and the music I listen to while working out? Well now you can find that easily too with Reebok! I have joined the ReebokONE team with many other fitness professions. I am still setting up my reebok website so it can be a great resource for you all, but currently you can find playlists for your workouts and great fitness clothes as well. If you are anything like me, new workout clothes help inspire you to work harder! When I look good, I feel good – so check out some of my favorite Reebok clothing items and if you want something just click ‘shop products’ and go on an online shopping spree. Reebok clothing is one of my personal favorites when it comes to exercise clothing. Especially their sports bras and leggings. They are durable and don’t stretch out as I’ve found other brands do. I like leggings that are very fitted so nothing jiggles while I go for a run. Another perk is they aren’t quite as expensive as say, Nike (although I still love and buy Nike products frequently).

So visit my page and find more information about me, my favorite music, and purchase some new clothes while you’re at it! (I just did…)


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