I am so proud of you for taking this step.

It is challenging and lonely to navigate your anxiety alone. I’ve dealt with chronic stress and anxiety my whole life, and my number one goal for this anxiety toolkit is to give you the knowledge and support to improve your chronic stress!

Here is everything your anxiety toolkit has to offer:

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The masterclass video below will give you guidance on how to exercise as an anxious individual. 

But, I don’t just want to educate you, I want to give you SUPPORT too! So you are invited to join this FREE COMMUNITY!

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We often hear that in order to reduce overall anxiety, we should workout, right? And that’s true! Regular exercise is great for your mental health. But, what if I told you that certain types of workouts can actually be BAD for your mental health?

Let’s break down HOW workouts can affect your stress and anxiety, WHICH types of workouts can make anxiety worse, and WHAT workouts to do to feel better!


I’ve emailed you FIVE exercises to do when you feel yourself getting anxious.

If you feel your anxiety building to a panic,
do one or all five of these exercises to slow your heart rate and connect yourself to reality.

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Stress-Free Workouts

You now know WHAT to do. You have the SUPPORT to help you do it.


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