Learn How To Have More Energy To Run Your Business

... so that your business doesn't run you!

It is HARD to balance building a business with maintaining (or improving) your health. But, it’s also incredibly necessary. If you are tired and uncomfortable in your body, you are never going to feel energized and happy in your business. 

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You'll learn...

  • HOW EXERCISE AFFECTS ENERGY AND PRODUCTIVITY.  We will discuss which four parts of your body and brain are most negatively impacted when you don’t move your body, and what adjustments to make so that you don’t feel exhausted anymore.
  • THREE EASY STEPS to creating a wellness routine that helps you reach your fitness goals AND thrive in your business so that you can look good and make more money.
  • HOW TO IMPLEMENT those three steps in a way that is not overwhelming so you don’t feel swallowed by work.

Meet your fitness coach

Hi, I’m Molly! I have been an entrepreneur for 10 years. I created MFit Workouts in 2013 to help people feel confident and strong in their bodies.

While that was my goal as a coach, I struggled to achieve those results for myself.

I let my work take over my life. I was either ALL IN on my business and workout routine, or I was exhausted and unable to find success in either.

My inconsistent wellness routine and work-focused lifestyle obviously affected my body…. My weight was all over the place. But it also GREATLY affected my business.

It’s no surprise to me that once I finally got a handle on my lifestyle, my business grew bigger than it ever had before.

Now, I help my clients find the same balance. I teach my clients how to make health and fitness a normal part of their life, instead of a stressful thing they can’t keep up with. My MFit Workouts are 30-minutes or less so you can get your workout done and feel more energized so you can juggle all the other things in your life.