Are you ready to increase your energy by as much as 50%

...so that you can feel your best, look your best and increase work productivity?

I know that you want to be fit and energized… but I also know that exercise is pretty low on your priority list. The fact that you are exhausted is the number one obstacle standing between you and your results. You don’t have the time or ENERGY to do all of the things required to get in shape. This is why I have created MFit Custom Programming. To help you get the results you want, while boosting your energy, so that you can spend more time doing the things you really care about.

MFit Custom Programming...

  • IS RESULTS DRIVEN. Whether you want to lose weight or build more muscle tone, I got you! You’ll be getting a customized workout routine based on your body type, your goals and your specific needs so that you can look in the mirror and say damn, I did it. 
  • TAKES THE GUESS WORK OUT OF GETTING FIT.  This is not a cookie cutter program. Everything is planned for you and is specific to your goals and needs. No generic advice that “maybe” works for your body. You’re getting a program tailor-made to work for you so that you don’t have to try a million things before something sticks.
  • SAVES YOU TIME. You don’t have time to try another app or search YouTube for a workout. You need something that works and you need it now. Custom Programming cuts out all the B.S. so that you can focus your work and family and other priorities while I make sure you feel your best doing it all.
  • FOCUSES ON SHORT, ENERGIZING WORKOUTS. Each workout is designed to not only help you reach your goals but leave you feeling energized so that you can ditch the brain fog and show up more fully for your work and family. Did I mention the workouts are only 30-minutes? I know you have other priorities, so I’ll give you quick workouts that will transform your whole day. 
  • INCLUDES SUPPORT. You are never alone with MFit Custom Programming. You will get daily text support from a coach who actually cares. Not a robot, not a customer service center. You will talk to me directly so that you never feel alone. 

What's Included?

Custom Workout Schedule
Daily Text Accountability/Support
Monthly Coaching Calls
* 3-Month Commitment *

Frequently Asked

How long are the workouts?

Most workouts will take 5-30 minutes to complete.
Longer workouts can be given if requested.

Can this be done at home?

This is an at-home program. It is not meant to be
done at a gym or with fancy equipment. 

Is this adaptable if I have an injury?

If you have an injury or restrictions for any reason, this is THE program you need to be doing. I will adapt everything to work specifically for your needs. And you’re working with a coach who is a joint pain specialist and deals frequently with injuries.

Meet your fitness coach

Hi, I’m Molly! I created MFit Workouts in 2013.  My mission is to help people feel confident and strong while working out at home.

After struggling with constant weight and energy fluctuations for 7 years, I figured out a way to break out of the all-or-nothing lifestyle and adapt a LESS IS MORE approach that leaves me feeling fit and energized all the time.

This is the approach I teach in every MFit program. I teach my clients how to make health and fitness a normal part of their life, instead of a stressful thing they can’t keep up with. My MFit Workouts are 30-minutes or less so you can get your workout done without wasting time or over-training.

These low impact workouts will not only transform your body, but also keep you safe from injury, prevent joint pain, and help you avoid that nervous system spike that happens after most workouts, so you can feel energized afterwards (instead of drained).