The 2023 MFit Prep Challenge

THE fitness challenge to help you ease into exercise

January 30th - February 12th

Does this sound like you?

You want to get in shape (lose weight, build muscle, feel better, etc)… BUT, you can never seem to stick to a routine once you get started. Or you get so overwhelmed by everything you need to do, that you don’t start a routine at all?

Let me help you with that!

I am NOT a fan of traditional workout challenges. You know the kind… the one’s where you workout really hard, everyday for a short amount of time in order to reach your goals as fast as possible.  We won’t be doing that in this challenge.

Here's what you WILL do:

  • Ease into exercise with 6 short workouts that you’ll do over the course of 2-weeks.
  • These workouts will teach you how to properly engage your muscles and workout safely from home. These are THE workouts you need to set yourself up for long-term success. 
  • Have one nutrition coaching call to learn two easy diet shifts that I’ll help you implement throughout the challenge. These shifts will be small but impactful!
  • Get access to a private community where you can get additional accountability and support 

And you get all of that for a one time only charge of $17!

This challenge will include one live call on January 30th and 6 recorded workouts that can be played from any device.