20-Minute Beginner Workout

Happy New Year! I’m here to help you make this your healthiest year yet! I plan to share follow along home workout videos all year. I thought I’d begin with a 20-minute beginner workout.

Whether you are brand new to exercise, are getting back into it after a long break, or have recently had a baby, this workout is perfect for you! I’ll be taking you through a 20-minute total body routine. If you have any questions about this workout or how to start your fitness journey, do not hesitate to reach out.

This workout is very much inspired by my 8-Week Beginner’s Plan. That 56-day home workout plan comes with easy to follow home workouts, a step by step workout schedule to follow and access to the MFit virtual gym! If you are new to exercise, I highly recommend following this program!

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Follow along with the 20-minute beginner workout below!

Warm-up exercises:
– Tap & Reach (Up & Across)
– Hip Opener
– Leg Extension

Do 1 set of each exercise:
– Chair Squat (10 reps)
– Chair Squat to Reach (10 reps)
– Leg Reach (15 reps each)
– Overhead March (20 reps)
– Chair Squat to Reach (10 reps)
– Supported Diagonal Reaches (20 reps)
– Single Leg Diagonal Leg Lift (15 reps each)
– Standing Bird Dog (15 reps each)
– Chair Plank (20 seconds)
– Chair Mountain Climbers (12 reps)
– Side “Shuffle” to Reach (10 reps)
– Cross Body Punches (30 reps)
– Overhead March to Butt Kick (10 reps)
– Big Step (15 reps each)

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