At-Home Hamstring Workout

Welcome back to Day 23 of the #25DaysofMFit. We have made it to the final three workouts of this challenge! I want you to keep working hard until that final day! Today we are doing an at-home hamstring workout.

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Before COVID times, I used to frequent the gym. When I stopped going, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to work my hamstrings enough with my limited equipment.

Boy was I wrong. This workout proves that you do not need fancy equipment to train the hamstrings. In fact, you don’t need any equipment!

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Let’s workout. You do not need any equipment for this workout. Get ready to feel your hamstrings BURN. For real, this left me so sore. Have fun…

Follow along with the at-home hamstring workout!

Lower Body Warm-up

Do 1 set on the right leg, then 1 set on the left:
Down Dog Leg Lifts (10)
Lunge Deadlifts (15)
Straight Donkey Kicks (15)
Bend as you lift (15)

Do 1 set on the right leg, then 1 set on the left:
Back Lunge, booty back (15)
Circle Lunge (20)
Back Lunge, booty back (10)
Oil Rig (10)

Do 1 set on the right leg, then 1 set on the left:
Sweeping Donkey Kick (15)
Teeter Tooter (15)

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