4 Yoga Postures To Open Up Shoulders

We drive, we text, we slouch at our desks… and we have terrible posture. Posture is so important and many of us forget to work on it. So today, I am going to take you through four yoga postures to open up shoulders.

You need to stand up tall to keep your spine safe. It’s important to have straight posture while working out so you can work your muscles properly. Poor posture can put a strain on your neck and lower back.

These four yoga poses will help open up your shoulders. If you do them everyday you will see significant improvement in your posture.

Puppy Pose
This is very similar to a child’s pose, however, your hips will be lifted in the air. Focus on press your chest and armpits down to the ground the whole time.

Thread The Needle
This pose will not only open up the chest and shoulders, but it will squeeze out any knots in your upper back as well. Keep your shoulder pressed against the ground as you do this. Complete this pose on both sides.

Cow Face
This is a tricky one, but it will absolutely help pull your shoulders back. If you can not get your hands to touch (like me), then use a towel. Hold one end with each hand and inch your hands closer and close together until you can reach on your own. Make sure to do both sides!

This pose looks trickier than it is. Try to get your palms flat against each other and remember to do both sides!

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