Mini Band Butt & Abs Workout

I am back with another mini band workout! This butt & abs workout will help you tighten and shape your midsection!

You can take this workout with your just about anywhere. The bands are super light, and the workout itself won’t take up much space. I personally have done this workout in a small apartment, hotel room, and in a big gym!

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Let’s get to the workout. As I said before, you need mini bands for this workout. If you do not have bands already, I’ve added my favorite brands to this Amazon list!

butt & abs workout

Follow along with the butt & abs workout below!

Complete 2 rounds of each circuit. Take little to no rest between exercises and circuits.

Circuit 1: Band around ankles
A. Squat Walk Reaches
B. Plank Taps
C. Plank Jacks

Circuit 2: Band around thighs
A. March In Place
B. Narrow Lunge Kickback
C. Speed Skaters (Jump or Step)

Circuit 3: Band around thighs
A. Tabletop Crunches With Resistance
B. Tabletop Press Kick Out
C. Bicycle Crunch
D. Bridge Pulses With Abduction

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