10 Non-Scale Victories To Celebrate

Weight loss is only one positive outcome of exercise. Here are 10 non-scale victories to celebrate too!

It can be frustrating to step on the scale every week to find no change, or an unwanted change in numbers. Weight change is not always the best way to track your fitness journey. Many factors go into how much you weigh day to day.

That is why I want to focus on some non-scale successes. Celebrate these accomplishments instead of waiting for the numbers to go up and down.

You started! 

Starting a workout plan or diet is the hardest part. It’s scary to try something new. And it’s hard to commit to a serious life change. So celebrate the fact that you are trying!

Baggy clothes!

Last summer those shorts fit perfectly, now they look a little baggy. Yay! That means change is happening! Even if you don’t see a lighter weight on the scale, it is happening.

Completing a 5k!

Committing to a race is one thing, but actually finishing a 5k is incredible! It does not matter what your time was, you finished! Good job!

Finding a new (active) passion!

Maybe you have fallen in love with a spin class or lifting weights. Or perhaps you’ve found a passion for dance after trying a dance cardio video. It is so much fun to find a new hobby!

Lifting heavier weights!

If you are are lifting a heavier weight than you started with… that is progress! That is amazing progress! It does not matter where you start. Maybe you started by lifting one-pound weights. If you are lifting heavier weights now, that is progress and something to smile about!

Making new friends!

Fitness can bring people together. Whether you found a friend at the gym or in a group fitness class  – you now have a new buddy to call when you want to do something active. I consider all of you my fitness buddies! Check out my workout challenges to connect with me and fellow MFit followers!

Tracking your food for 100 days!

I love using My Fitness Pal to track food intake because when you reach a milestone, like tracking you food for 100 days, they congratulate you! Being consistent is certainly something to celebrate.

Finally being able to do that one exercise!

I challenge all of you to pick one strength movement that challenges you and work your butt off until you are able to do it. A lot of people struggle with push-ups and pull-ups because they require so much strength. But if you work hard, you can complete these tricky exercises and the day you do will be a very exciting one.

Breathing easier!

One big change you will notice after a few weeks of training is that you are able to breath easier. Exercise is just as beneficial to your inside as it is to your outside. Your heart and lungs are getting just as strong as your biceps! How awesome!

Loving yourself!

Self-confidence is something many people have struggled with. I am not saying that exercise will solve all your confidence qualms. However, as you exercise more, you’ll feel more in touch with your body. This, in turn, will help you appreciate everything it does for you!

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